Asthma UK response to Public Health England mortality estimates associated with pollution

Hugh Platt 10 April 2014
Public Health England has released estimates of mortality in local areas associated with air pollution. Read More

Surge in reported asthma attacks as pollution levels remain high

Hugh Platt 03 April 2014
An overnight poll from Asthma UK shows the serious and widespread impact of the current high levels of air pollution. Read More

Asthma UK is recruiting a Chair for our Research Review Panel

Hugh Platt 27 March 2014
Asthma UK is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to participate in its research funding programme as Chair of its Research Review Panel. Read More

Asthma UK warns of alarming increase in hospital admissions for children

Hugh Platt 13 March 2014
Asthma UK is concerned that hospital admissions for children across England have increased by 15%, according to data released from the Child and Maternal (CHiMat) Health Intelligence Network. Read More

Prescription Charges in England to rise by 20p

Hugh Platt 11 March 2014
Today the Government announced that prescription charges are set to rise by 20p in England as of the 01 April 2014, taking them from £7.85 to £8.05. Asthma UK thinks it's unacceptable that people with asthma will be forced to pay even more for the prescriptions they need to stay well. Read More

De Vere raises over £10,000 for Asthma UK at Burns Night Charity Event

Hugh Platt 12 February 2014

On the 24 January, De Vere, Wokefield Park hosted its fifth Annual Burns Night Charity Event. This event is always a highlight of the industry’s social calendar with several high profile clients in attendance. This year, the event raised over £10K for Asthma UK, The De Vere group’s charity of the year. Tony Dangerfield, CEO of De Vere Venues commented; ‘’We would like to thank all who atten...
Read More

New research suggests parasites can reduce lung damage in people with asthma

Ben Furber 11 February 2014
Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, led by Senior Asthma UK Research Fellow Dr Henry McSorley, have discovered that parasites could protect against asthma, potentially leading to new treatments. Read More

Can a new approach to managing asthma help to prevent a bad attack?

Courtney Coleman 20 January 2014
Researchers are inviting people with asthma to participate in a clinical trial exploring whether a new approach to managing asthma could prevent an attack. Read More

Doctors set to transform care for young people with asthma

Malayka Rahman 01 January 2014
Asthma is one of the most common long-term conditions affecting adolescents as they go through what is often a turbulent period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Read More

Natural Killer cells could play a key role in asthma

Hugh Platt 17 December 2013
Scientists funded by Asthma UK have discovered that Natural Killer cells in the immune system could play a key role in asthma. Read More