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HCP Toolkit The new Asthma Care toolkit is designed to give healthcare professionals working with people with asthma all the re...
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Available training

Diplomas Diplomas in asthma Education for Health
Respiratory Education UK Diplomas in allergy Education for Health
Asthma CPD The modules listed here are suitable for healthcare professionals looking to obtain CPD. All the modules are free of charge, but some websites require registration to access the modules. Nurses Publication Article/module Date published ...
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Healthcare research library

Wish you were here The Project was established to ensure that Asthma UK could maximise opportunities arising from a greater emphasis on regional and local decision making in health to influence asthma services and extend our reach to more people with asthma at a local and regional level.
Click here to download Missing Out A report by Asthma UK on the views and experiences of children and young...
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External guidance

BTS/SIGN guidance on management of asthma
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ARIA guidelines - Management of Asthma Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma
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NICE quality standard
This quality standard covers the diagnosis and treatment of asthma in adults, young people and children aged 12 months and older. For more information see the scope for this quality standard.
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Good asthma care

Guide to Good Asthma Care for Adults and Children with Asthma Asthma UK has developed a guide that sets out our vision for what people with asthma should expect in helping and supporting them to manage their asthma. Click here to read more Emergency asthma care This resource is for all healthcare professionals, working in any setting, who come into contact with people with asthma at the time o... Read More

Resources for inhaler technique

The Asthma UK website has an animated demo video to help patients review and improve their inhaler technique. The demo covers all the available devices. Click here to view it.

New!! We've also produced video films to show people how to use their spacers and inhalers. To view the films click here Asthma UK’s Emergency Care pack for healthcare professionals also describes the techniques for the t...
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Other useful websites

Other sources of information we recommend can be found at: Primary Care Respiratory Society UK Respiratory Education UK Allergy UK For information on Patient Group Directives Anaphylaxis Campaign Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists British National Formulary for Children (BNFC) Electronic Medicines Compendium – access to most SPCs The British Thoracic Society BTS/SIGN Guidelin... Read More

About the healthcare professionals' community

Asthma UK has created a Healthcare Professional Community to help nurses, doctors and pharmacists stay up to date with the latest developments in asthma and to create increased awareness of the different ways Asthma UK can help patients better self-manage their asthma. The community is FREE to join and members receive a digital welcome pack and quarterly electronic newsletter with details of train... Read More

Top resources

Please note: Most of our resources are available as free downloads – please see the individual items for a link to download. Many of our resources are currently under review and therefore may be out of stock of physical copies - individual item listings will keep you updated. Newly diagnosed Asthma and me Point of diagnosis booklet gives an overview of asthma to an adult.
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Self management materials


Asthma UK's 'Your Asthma' and 'My Asthma' materials have been developed to help people with asthma to self manage and take better control of their asthma. They are based on an extensive review of the evidence supporting self-management and have been evaluated by healthcare professionals and people with asthma. Your Asthma materials  Your Asthma Action Plan
This plan is intended for pe...
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