Peak flow diary

Man using a peak flow meter  

A peak flow diary is a useful way for you to write down and record your peak flow scores on a regular basis.

A peak flow is a measurement of how much air you can blow out of your lungs in a set amount of time. Peak flow scores help you to see when your asthma is getting better or worse. Keeping a peak flow diary is useful because:
  • You can tell what is going on in your lungs rather than guessing by how you feel
  • It is a record of how well you have been, which you can also show your doctor or asthma nurse at your asthma review
  • It can help you and your doctor or asthma nurse find out if the asthma medicines you are taking are effective for you.

You get peak flow readings by blowing into a small plastic tube called a peak flow meter. Your readings will vary according to your age, gender, height and how well your asthma is controlled. Ask your doctor or nurse about using one of these and a peak flow diary to help you better control your asthma.

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