The Compare Your Care Survey

On World Asthma Day 2013, we launched a new survey called Compare Your Care to raise awareness of standards of asthma care and self-management support in the NHS around the UK. We want to help patients understand clinical guidelines, to raise awareness of great care and to work with healthcare professionals and commissioners to keep on improving standards. Over the next five years, we want to work with you to halve the number of people with asthma who need to be admitted to hospital for an asthma attack.

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Compare Your Care - 2013

Asthma UK is committed to preventing asthma attacks – helping to both keep people out of hospital and stop asthma deaths. Clear standards are vital to this because they focus on key aspects of care which evidence shows make a real difference.

Standards for asthma care already exist, or are being produced, across the UK. They are based on national clinical guidelines for managing asthma and cover aspects of asthma care from diagnosis through routine management to what should happen when someone has an asthma attack.

Asthma UK wanted to know whether the care that people were receiving for their asthma matched up to the standards they should expect. So we launched the Compare Your Care quiz on our website on World Asthma Day, 7 May 2013, to find out.

Nearly 6,000 people across the UK completed the quiz before the end of July. Our reports set out what they told us about their care. It shows that there are some aspects of asthma care which many people are receiving. However, a worryingly low number of people are receiving care that fully meets standards and some simple but effective aspects of care that could help prevent asthma attacks are not consistently being provided.

More information is given in our reports, which also include recommendations to help the NHS improve asthma care across the UK.

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National reports:

Local Results

Asthma UK’s Compare Your Care Survey asked people with asthma to tell us how good their asthma care was. Around 6,000 people took the quiz between May and July 2013 and our overall findings showed that only 14% of people with asthma around the UK were getting care that fully meets standards.

Local NHS organisations can see the full details of the results for their area by downloading our spreadsheet. If you’d like to find out more about how Asthma UK can help you to improve standards in your area, please contact

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