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Here at Asthma UK we are always interested to hear from the one in 11 people living with asthma in the UK that we are here to help.

Your experiences of what it’s like to have asthma – or to be the partner of a child with asthma - and of the support you have received from healthcare professionals, can be vital for our work. Your stories not only support our campaign activity but also help us to raise the profile of asthma in the media.

Sharing your story can be a rewarding experience, helping you get your views out there and provide inspiration to other people affected by asthma.

If you would be interested in sharing your story, either to appear in the media, be featured in one Asthma UK’s publications or website, or to speak about asthma at an Asthma UK event, then we would love to hear from you. To tell us your story, please click on the link below our media team will get back to you soon for a chat about what's involved.

Click here and tell us your story

If you have a concern about any aspect of your asthma or asthma treatments, then please do not hesitate to call our Helpline to speak to one of our asthma nurse specialists on 0800 121 62 44 (open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm). Asthma UK’s small friendly team of nurses provide independent, confidential advice and support to people with asthma and their families, friends and carers. We also offer advice and support to healthcare professionals.

Thank you

Please note that if you choose to tell us your relationship to asthma below, you are consenting to a confidential record of this health information being stored by Asthma UK. We take great care to safeguard this information, and process it according to the 1998 Data Protection Act. Privacy policy

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