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Here's everything you need to get started

Make your bake sale even bigger and brighter with our downloadable materials. They will make sure everyone knows you're raising money for people with asthma.

You'll also have the best looking bake sale no matter what sort of baker you are.

Fundraising guide

Download your fundraising guide to get started

Download fundraising guide (PDF 1,654kb)

Cake flags

Print and cut out our Asthma UK cake flags. The perfect finish to any cake.

Download cake flags (PDF, 144kb)


Print out our official bunting and make your bake sale stand out from the crowd.

Download bunting (PDF, 99kb)

Cake labels

These cake labels make it easy to tell people what type of cakes they can choose from. Is it gluten free, dairy free or piled high with chocolate? That's handy information for anyone with allergies.

Download cake labels (PDF, 382kb)

Recipes to help you get started

Here are some helpful recipes to help you get started, no matter what type of baker you are:

Allergy friendly chocolate cupcakes

This recipe comes from last year's superstar bake sale fundraisers Emmie and Lissy (with a little help from their mum, Maria.) The chocolate cupcake recipe also includes alternatives for gluten and dairy free products.

Download recipe (PDF, 91kb)

Need any other materials?

You can never have too many decorations for a bake sale. If you want other materials like balloons, banners or collection boxes please email We'll be happy to help.