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Research Partnerships Testimonials

Testimonials on the positive impact of working in partnership with Asthma + Lung UK.

We're delighted to be able to share how our involvement has been beneficial to researchers and how working in partnership with Asthma + Lung UK has had a positive impact on multiple projects in several different ways.

Co-applicant Involvement

     Headshot of Professor Saglani"Involving Asthma + Lung UK from the start really helped us guide the                        application, and ensure we were able to include appropriate PPI. As the        project is focusing on paediatric severe asthma, we were able to show          in the application how we would build a paediatric network with                    Asthma + Lung UK and involve children. I believe this really helped strengthen          our application, and ensure successful funding."

                        - Professor Sejal Saglani, TREAT Trial, Imperial College London

Delivery of PPI activities

woman smiling     "Working with Asthma + Lung UK allowed us to involve patients with asthma              very early in the programme, and helped shaped the research question.        The RASP-UK PIP (Patient Input Platform), led by Asthma + Lung UK, has had                              a positive impact on the programme. We really look forward to continue                          to work with Asthma + Lung UK for the remainder of the programme and after."

                        - Gabrielle Gainsborough, Niche Science & Technology, Consortium                                    Manager for RASP-UK  

Research and Policy (RaP) Bulletin

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     "Being able to advertise on the Asthma + Lung UK’s Research and Policy                    Bulletin really helped with my response rate for my survey on                        personalised asthma management. Without it I wouldn’t have gotten            the number of patient responses I needed!"

                        - Mario Quinde, Middlesex University

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"Working on a new initiative for the Springer Nature journal Pulmonary Therapy, I reached out to Asthma + Lung UK to find patient experts interested in co-writing an article together with a physician. Although I was only looking for three volunteers to share their experiences and story, after being shared in the Research and Policy Bulletin I was pleasantly surprised to get eight individuals. An excellent way to reach patients and to help share their experiences!"

- Christopher Vautrinot, Associate Editor, Springer Healthcare