Bill Frankland

The team at Asthma + Lung UK have just learned the sad news of the death of Dr William Frankland. Bill was the vice-president of Asthma + Lung UK and had a long and illustrious medical career specialising in asthma and hayfever.

Bill served in the Royal Army Medical Corps in the Second World War. He then went on to specialise at St Mary’s Hospital in London where the allergy clinic is now named after him. Bill worked with Alexander Fleming on the development of penicillin.

In the 1950s, he was responsible for developing the widely used ‘pollen count’ and he pioneered treatments for seasonal hay fever, established the medical speciality of clinical allergy and became an internationally renowned expert in his field. His work has benefitted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Often referred to as the ‘Grandfather of Allergy’, for over 80 years Dr Frankland has written numerous books and papers, including ‘The History of Allergy’ published in 2014. His first published paper was in 1941.

He actively served Asthma + Lung UK for over 40 years in many ways. This included roles as the secretary of the Medical Advisory Council, Trustee, Vice Chair and Member of the Education Committee. He continued, until very recently, to attend events as our Vice President, asking incisive questions and offering insightful opinions about our work and the direction of asthma research.

Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of Asthma + Lung UK said:

“Last time I saw Bill, I had to cut short our chat because academic researchers were forming a queue to talk to him about a research paper he was co-authoring. And that says so much about Bill. He had a razor-sharp intellect and was hugely admired by other clinicians and scientists. Bill led some ground-breaking research into asthma, allergies and hayfever and he was hugely admired as a leader in his time at Asthma + Lung UK. All of the us here at Asthma + Lung UK are saddened by his loss and our thoughts go out to those who he was close to and the many whose lives he touched.”

Dr Bill Frankland by Walker2721

Image: Walker2721