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Portrait of Dermot Head of Digital Change at Asthma UK


“I’m proud to work for an organisation that has a specific policy to ‘do digital well’. We recently won an award recognising us as a digital leader, but what really counts is our growing online presence that means more people with asthma can find us to get the advice and support they need.

I have asthma and so do two of my brothers. It’s only from working here that I’ve realised what a huge challenge asthma really is. There’s so much misunderstanding and complacency around. But everyone at AUK is working hard to change that.“

- Dermot Watson, Head of Digital Change

Portrait of Sonia Head of Helpline at Asthma UK


“I love managing the brilliant asthma nurse specialists on the Helpline. Not only do we help individuals with asthma every day, we also log the questions and needs of the callers and feed that information to other departments to help inform their decision-making. So we make a difference for the wider asthma community too.

The best thing about my job is the camaraderie in the team. I’m involved in a lot of cross-team projects and Asthma UK is definitely the friendliest place I’ve ever worked.”

- Sonia Munde, Head of Helpline

Portrait of Ely Supporter Care Manager at Asthma UK


“We get hundreds of calls, emails and letters each month – from paying in fundraising money and making donations to ordering asthma packs and finding out about volunteering. Having asthma can be challenging enough, so our team aims to make contacting Asthma UK a feel-good experience. It is literally my job to be friendly and helpful!

We get lots of calls from parents donating money their children have raised for Asthma UK because a friend or family member died from an asthma attack. Calls like that remind me what we’re all doing here.”

- Ely Mukhwana, Supporter Care Team Manager

Portrait of Pooja Research Operations Manager at Asthma UK


“With my PhD in immunology and 10-year background in asthma research, managing a portfolio of research grants for Asthma UK is my dream role. I handle the application review process, check projects run on time and meet objectives, and report back to our supporters and the board.

What’s fantastic is that people with asthma are at the heart of every decision we make. We have a panel of 180 Research and Policy volunteers who inform and guide us. What’s also fantastic is working from home some Fridays – my work-life balance is good!”

- Pooja Takhar, Research Operations Manager

Portrait of Sarah Community Events Manager at Asthma UK


“My job is to support our fundraisers. Whether it’s a golf club planning a tournament and family day or an individual selling cupcakes for our Big Asthma Bake Sale on World Asthma Day in May, I’m around to send out materials, help set up online pages and answer questions. Recently I attended a six-mile walk organised by a school in memory of a boy who died due to an asthma attack. They raised over £20K.

I love helping people achieve their fundraising and awareness goals. Every day is different. Just when you think you’ve heard all the fundraising ideas under the sun, someone calls with something new!”

- Sarah Latchford, Community Fundraising Manager

Last updated November 2017