Advice for Bricanyl Turbohaler users

Supplies of this reliever inhaler are low in the UK at the moment. If you use a Bricanyl Turbohaler, Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma UK’s in-house GP, is here with some advice to help you avoid any problems.

If you use a Bricanyl Turbohaler as the reliever inhaler for your asthma, we need you to know that stocks are very low in the UK at the moment. This doesn’t affect all Turbohalers – just the Bricanyl ones. The manufacturers have told us that normal supplies aren’t likely to be in place until the end of January 2019.

So if you use this inhaler, what should you do? Here’s our advice:

  • Check your supply of medicine. If you have one or more Bricanyl Turbohalers at home, check that they’re still in date, and how many doses are left in them. Make sure you have enough to cover you if you’re planning to travel over the next few weeks.
    Bricanyl Turbohaler dose counter
  • Don’t wait until your inhaler runs out: make an appointment with your GP so you can be recommended an alternative. If you’ve been using a Bricanyl Turbohaler because you had side effects from other types, it’s especially important that you have a conversation with your doctor or asthma nurse. You may be prescribed a spacer alongside a new reliever inhaler. A spacer helps makes your inhaler easier to use, is more effective for getting the medicine into your lungs, and also helps reduce side effects.
  • Keep taking your preventer inhaler. If you can manage your asthma better and keep your airways from becoming inflamed, you’re less likely to need your reliever inhaler (though you shouldn’t try and do without one – make sure you have both types).
  • Try not to worry. Doctors have been made aware of the supply shortages, and will be able to suggest something else that will work for you in the meantime.

Already been prescribed an alternative to a Bricanyl Turbohaler?

If your doctor has prescribed you an alternative inhaler or a spacer, get some quick and easy tips on how to use it by watching one of our inhaler technique videos. Click the link below to watch the video for:

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