Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation announce their intention to merge

Today, Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation have announced their intention to merge to form the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation Partnership.

The move offers a real opportunity to strengthen and build on existing collaboration between the two charities, making the new organisation a stronger force for research and support for asthma and lung health. It would save significant money on running costs, freeing up more funding for charitable purposes. Once complete, the merger is expected to release up to £2 million each year to fund world-leading research and support services for asthma and lung disease.

Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of Asthma UK said: “The merger would be an exciting new chapter in the history of Asthma UK. It would mean that we could spend more to help people affected by asthma and lung disease. Together, as a partnership of equals, we would share our combined energy and passion and become a stronger, more powerful voice for change.

“Supporters and other beneficiaries of our work would not see any major change in their day-to-day links with us. We would keep our focus on and maintain the profile of asthma within the merged charity as we know this is important to our supporters.”

Dr Penny Woods, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation said: “Our proposed partnership builds on the successful collaboration between Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation over the last few years. As we develop our joint vision and strategy, we will continue to explore opportunities for closer working, doing so where we believe we will have more impact together. We are confident this proposal would bring lasting benefits for those affected by asthma and other lung diseases.”

Asthma UK’s and the British Lung Foundation’s core charitable activities – research programmes, nurse helplines, and websites – would continue.

Leading experts in asthma and lung health back the proposed merger, believing it will bring real benefits to patients now and in years to come.

Asthma UK members will vote to change the organisation’s Articles of Association at an extraordinary general meeting on 2 December 2019. If members support the change, the charities would formally join forces by the end of the year.