Asthma UK comment on Imperial College epigenetic study highlighting drug targets for allergies and asthma

Dr Samantha Walker, Director of Research and Policy, said: "Years of asthma research underfunding means that this complex condition condition remains a relative mystery. So we welcome this research which explores the genetic relationship between allergies and asthma which could bring us one step closer to developing ground-breaking asthma treatments and finding a cure.

"Although we've known for a long time that asthma runs in families, we are just beginning to realise that it isn't one, single disease but can in fact be broken down into different sub-types. This is important because if we can predict which people have these different types of asthma, we are more likely to be able to tailor the most effective treatments to them. We now have new technologies, talented asthma scientists and international collaborations which mean we are on the cusp of breakthrough discoveries about asthma. However, we need to see further investment in asthma research to make life-changing treatments a reality for the 1 in 11 people with asthma in the UK."

For more information on this research, please visit Imperial College's website.