Asthma UK responds to new test which can diagnose asthma from a patient’s saliva

16 September 2016

The new test has been developed by Loughborough University in collaboration with Nottingham City Hospital. 

Dr Samantha Walker, Director of Research and Policy at Asthma UK, said: “There is no single, simple test to diagnose asthma because it is such a complex condition with many different causes which we are yet to fully understand. This research suggests a saliva test could potentially be a simple way to diagnose asthma in the future.

"However, this research into saliva tests was carried out with a relatively small group of only 30 people, and it will need testing in much larger numbers before we have a good picture of how effective it could really be in diagnosing asthma. It is critical we see greater investment into research like this that will help us to diagnose asthma more accurately, along with research to better understand and treat it as we work towards a cure.”