Asthma UK response to death of 10 year-old Sophie Holman

Responding to the news that 10 year-old Sophie Holman tragically died from an asthma attack after she sought medical help 48 times for her asthma, including 18 visits to A&E, Dr. Samantha Walker, Director of Research and Policy at Asthma UK, said:

"The tragic case of 10-year-old Sophie Holman, who died after repeated failings in her asthma care is utterly disgraceful and highlights woeful inadequacies that need to urgently be addressed.

"Five years ago, a similar case of another girl who died from an asthma attack sparked the National Review of Asthma Deaths. It revealed an urgent need for better data sharing amongst primary and secondary healthcare professionals, so they could identify patients most at risk. This new tragic case suggests these recommendations have fallen on deaf ears.

"Sophie did not have an asthma action plan, something which everyone with asthma should have and which is proven to reduce someone’s likelihood of going to hospital. She wasn’t referred to an asthma specialist despite showing signs of having the severest form of asthma. Worst of all, despite multiple hospital stays and GP appointments, no one connected the dots to identify her as a high-risk patient. These three things could have saved her life. This tragic story should be a wake-up call for the NHS."