Asthma UK comment on severe weather warnings across Scotland

With severe cold weather alerts issued by the Met Office for Scotland until Monday, Asthma UK has issued the following comment:

"90% of people with asthma find that colds and flu make their asthma worse, putting them at an increased risk of a potentially life threatening asthma attack. With reports of severe cold weather hitting Scotland until Monday, it's really important that the 1 in 11 people with asthma in the UK understand how to manage their condition to stay well and out of hospital. The warning signs that asthma is getting worse include needing more reliever inhaler, waking in the night with coughing and wheezing and a drop in your peak flow meter readings. People with asthma can reduce their chances of having an attack by taking their regularegular preventer inhaler as prescribed by their doctor, making sure they have an annual asthma review with their doctor or asthma nurse, a written asthma action plan and an inhaler check. This is even more important with a cold snap forecast as we know that sudden changes in temperature can bring on asthma attack symptoms suddenly. Anyone concerned about their asthma can visit for advice, or call the Asthma UK Helpline on 0300 222 5800."

75% of people with asthma say cold air triggers their asthma. Visit our Weather page for further information.