Asthma UK's comment - NICE report

Kay Boycott, Chief Executive at Asthma UK says: "We welcome the development of the NICE guideline which aims to help diagnose asthma. Anything which helps a doctor build a more complete picture of a person with suspected asthma is welcome, though tests for a definitive diagnosis of asthma are still a long way off.

"Asthma has many complex causes which is why it is very difficult to get a definitive diagnosis. It is also a highly variable condition that can change throughout someone's life or even week by week, meaning treatment also needs to change over time. For example, people whose asthma is triggered by pollen may have no symptoms during an annual asthma review in winter and diagnostic tests might show completely different readings than if they had the same tests in summer. It's important people with asthma work in partnership with their GP or nurse to build a complete picture of their asthma to tailor their treatment. The annual asthma review meeting is the bedrock of asthma care to ensure people with asthma get the right medication and know when to use it, and yet last year over 1 million people skipped this vital appointment.

"The claim today by NICE that 1.2 million adults may be receiving the wrong treatment is based on small scale studies. It is vital that no one with an asthma diagnosis stops taking their medication on the basis of this information, without discussions with their doctor."

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