Asthma and face coverings - the latest

Read our latest statement on asthma and face coverings

Jessica Kirby, Head of Health Advice at Asthma UK said: " In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the governments are now recommending that people wear a face covering in enclosed spaces, where social distancing may not be possible and you may come into contact with people you don’t normally meet. Face masks are not currently recommended in Wales. 

“For some people with asthma, wearing a face covering might not be easy. It could make it feel harder to breathe. The UK government has advised that people with respiratory conditions don’t need to wear face coverings, so if you are finding it hard, then don’t wear one. If you’re comfortable to wear a face covering, please use a cloth or home-made one, not a medical type face mask.

 “The crucial advice across the UK remains for people to continue following social distancing guidance, or shielding measures.”

For more information on how to wear and make a cloth face covering, visit: