Asthma and face coverings - the latest

Read our latest statement on asthma and face coverings

Responding to face coverings being made mandatory in shops in England, Sarah MacFadyen, Head of Policy at Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, said:

“It’s important to wear a face covering where advised not only to protect yourself but others around you, who could be more vulnerable to COVID-19. However, we need a greater awareness that there are exemptions from the rules on face coverings, and this includes people with severe respiratory conditions. Most people will be able to wear a face covering with no problem, but some people find that wearing a mask makes them feel like they can’t breathe.

“As face coverings become mandatory in shops in England, we urge the public to think twice before they judge someone for not wearing a face mask. Not all health conditions are visible and people with lung conditions have already told us that they’ve been publicly confronted by strangers about not wearing one, leaving them feeling anxious and humiliated.

“If you have a lung condition and find wearing a face covering leaves you feeling suffocated, Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation have produced a downloadable graphic that you can show on your phone or other device that explains why you're not wearing a mask.”

For more information on how to wear and make a cloth face covering, visit the government website.