Blog post: Find out what’s happening at the biggest meeting of asthma experts in the world

Dr Erika Kennington, Asthma UK's Head of Research on expanding her asthma horizons at the ERS International Congress

Dr Erika Kennington, Head of Research at Asthma UKWe're rapidly approaching one of the highlights in our research calendar: the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress is the largest meeting of respiratory science in the world.

Why should you be excited? Because Asthma UK will be heading there to find out about the latest asthma breakthroughs and to spread the word about what we doing to support people with asthma.

An ideas convention

It's not just the world's leading scientists in breathing who'll be there. Healthcare professionals, people with asthma and researchers will all be gathering to talk about the big issues, form new partnerships, present their ideas and discover what's on the horizon in medicine and treatments.

2016's event, which took place in London, was a big one for Asthma UK. We presented our new roadmap for asthma research and launched the 15 priorities that we believe researchers should concentrate on so we can transform asthma treatments and care for the better. For example, we want to understand more about the different types of asthma and find better ways to diagnose it.

This year, we want to build on this success. We've got meetings with international organisations who we hope will help us make these 15 priorities a reality.

Asthma UK on an international stage

We'll also be unveiling some interesting data from the Asthma Attack Risk Checker. It's our digital tool that allows you to measure your risk of an asthma attack in the next 12 months. From the anonymous data we've collected we know, for example, that most people don't think their risk of an asthma attack is as high as it really is.

Hopefully you already know that Asthma UK is a world leader in getting patients involved in research – we've been doing it for years. So, at ERS we'll be telling companies and organisations how they can work with us and the Asthma Lab. This is our pioneering in-house hub, where we work with health innovators to ensure all new asthma treatments and devices are developed with the very people who will use them: people with asthma.

And many of the researchers we fund will be at ERS presenting their ideas and discoveries, from complex biological science triumphs to new breathing techniques that could help asthma symptoms.

I'm also looking forward to hearing about research from outside the Asthma UK family – particularly new findings about asthma in children, such as why it develops in some young people and the factors that can make it worse.

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