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This time of year can be amazing. Parties, ‘trick or treating’ and sweet treats jump into our lives bringing some ghoulish fun into the autumn gloom. I’ll be joining in the fun, carving pumpkins, dressing up and I’ve already stocked up on a selection of treats for the hordes of visiting children (and well-behaved adults!). 

However, there isn’t a Halloweenor Bonfire night, that goes by without me noticing people coughing or wheezing when they are out enjoying themselves. 

There are lots of possible asthma triggers that can surprise us when we are least expecting it. These triggers can gang-up and catch us out at this time of year causing unwanted fear and distress (and extra visits to the hospital or my GP surgery). 

It’s hard to completely avoid these triggers so here are my hints and tips to stay well this Halloween:

  • Carry your blue reliever inhaler with you at all times
  • Make sure that you are taking your preventer medication every day as prescribed
  • Reduce the cold, damp air from hitting your lungs with scarfie
  • Make sure you have had your flu vaccine
  • If you are getting asthma symptoms or using your reliever inhaler 3 or more times per week make an urgent appointment with your GP or asthma nurse
  • Make sure you have had your annual asthma review with your GP or asthma nurse
  • Check that you are getting the most out of your inhalers. Ask your GP, nurse or pharmacist to check your inhaler technique. You can also check your inhaler technique with our videos
  • Make sure that you have a written asthma action plan

I hope these simple things can help you to have a happy and safe Halloween.

Have fun!

Dr Andy
In-house GP, Asthma + Lung UK

Published 29 October 2019

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