Inhaler colour-coding survey

In response to a survey carried out by the UK Inhaler Group into the benefits of a colour coding system for inhalers, Sonia Munde, Clinical Nurse Manager and Head of Asthma UK helpline, said:  

“The term ‘blue inhaler’ has been synonymous with the reliever inhaler for years and is commonly referred to this way by clinicians and patients. It is so important to have consistent simple health messaging between people with asthma, their carers and healthcare professionals.

"This is particularly the case during a life-threatening asthma attack when clear coherent instructions can save lives. For example, a 999 call operator may tell someone to take a number of puffs from their blue inhaler, while that person is waiting for an ambulance during an asthma attack. And our nurses will often refer to the ‘blue inhaler’ when they are giving advice on Asthma UK’s helpline. The research from the UK Inhaler Group supports the fact that colour coding of potentially life-saving reliever therapy is an important safety feature.”