Review published today by Public Health England into e-cigarettes which shows that around 95% are less harmful than tobacco

Dan Murphy, Director of External Affairs at Asthma UK, says: "We welcome this independent, expert review into e-cigarettes that shows the short-term health risks of e-cigarettes are considerably less harmful to the public's health than smoking, which places the individual at a significantly increased risk of developing asthma.

"Evidence shows that attempting to stop smoking using nicotine products medically licensed as smoking cessation aids, and with the support of your local cessation service, is still the most effective way to quit.

"In the future, we hope that e-cigarettes prove to be an effective and safe smoking cessation aid. Asthma UK is calling for more research into the long-term effects of e-cigarettes. Until then, it is up to each person with asthma to decide whether they are comfortable with the unknown, long-term risks of e-cigarettes in contrast to the known health risks of smoking tobacco products."

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