Blog post: Seven clever ways to remember your asthma medicines each day

Colette Harris, our Head of Health Advice, gives her top tips for an asthma inhaler routine you won’t forget.

Taking your asthma medicines every day as prescribed is the best way to cut symptoms like coughing and a tight chest. But it can be so easy to forget – and feel so hard to get into a routine and stick to it. Try these handy tips to make remembering your asthma medicines stress-free.

 1.      Link taking your medicines to brushing your teeth…

Try linking taking your preventer inhaler to something else you do every day. Put your medicines somewhere you’ll easily see them when you’re combing your hair, feeding the pet or using your moisturiser. Once taking your inhaler is fixed in your daily routine it’ll just be another easy thing you do every day.

 2.     Keep your inhaler somewhere you can see it

How about on your bedside table? Next to your teabags? Near your phone charger? If you can see it, you’re more likely to take it.  And if it’s always in the same place it saves you wasting time looking for it.

 3.      Stickers work as reminders

If your child has asthma, or you need to keep your inhalers out of sight from children or pets, try stickers in obvious places. Stick one on the mirror, on your toothbrush, or by the kettle.

 4.     Set your phone for inhaler alerts

Pick a song you like for some feel-good factor – how about something upbeat to remind you how you’ll feel once your asthma symptoms are under control?

 5.      Recruit a friend as your inhaler ‘coach’

Can they text you an emoji twice a day for a couple of weeks to kick start a good routine? Message them back when you’ve taken your preventer inhaler, so they can send you an encouraging thumbs-up.

 6.     Max up your motivation!

Imagine life without asthma symptoms getting in the way. What would you do? Write down your goal or find an inspiring picture that conjures up the things you want to do once your asthma is better controlled. Pin it up somewhere you see it every day like the back of your front door or the fridge.

 7.      Be honest with yourself

Are you just forgetful? Or is there something else putting you off taking your inhalers? Not sure you need them? Think they won’t help?  Or worried about side effects? Maybe all you need to start taking your inhalers every day is some reassurance.

Talk it through with your GP. Or call the Helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) to speak to one of our friendly asthma nurses. 

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