People with severe asthma removed from shielding list by text

Alison Cook, Director of External Affairs at Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, said:

“We have heard from people with severe asthma and lung disease who have been alarmed about receiving official text messages with no explanation, some are saying their GP had also not been told.

“This is an utter mess - some people have told us that they have received letters asking them to extend their shielding period to the end of June in line with Government policy, while others have been requested to return to work before then. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence or logic behind these letters and texts.

 “Shielding is taking a huge toll on millions of people who have not been outside their home since March. They have shielded to protect themselves and so that they didn’t put extra pressure on the NHS. We have requested urgent clarification from NHS England and call for patients and charities who provide advice and support to be involved in planning any future communication and strongly recommend that people’s GPs are kept informed about what their patients are being sent so they can provide advice.”