Asthma UK responds to new research from the University of Southampton

21 July 2016

A new study by Southampton University has investigated a gene that could cause asthma. Researchers have found that the way that the gene behaves in some people could be behind the changes in their lungs that lead to asthma. This is really important to help understand what’s happening during asthma and develop better treatments – it could help to stop the cause of asthma, rather than just treating the symptoms. Asthma UK has funded the next stage of this crucial work to move closer to stopping asthma attacks and curing asthma.

Dr Samantha Walker, Asthma UK’s Director of Research and Policy, said: “This is a really promising avenue of research that we have already agreed to help fund to its next stage, which is to understand exactly how this gene causes the changes seen in the lungs that lead to asthma. This will hopefully bring us even closer to stopping asthma attacks and finding a cure for the one in 11 people with asthma in the UK.

“Each day three people die of asthma attacks. Research like this is a step in the right direction although much more investment is needed. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the UK for whom current treatments don’t work and they struggle to breathe every day. Research like this will give us better avenues to explore why this is the case and to develop treatments that work.”

For more information please contact the Asthma UK media team on, 020 7786 4949 (during office hours) or 07951 721393 (outside of office hours)