Asthma UK calls on the media to promote good asthma practice by using photos of children using spacers

Around 1.1million children in the UK have asthma. National guidelines suggest that for children with asthma to stay well, it is best practice that they use a spacer, a special tube made of plastic, with their inhaler.* This makes it easier for the medicine to get straight into their lungs where it’s needed, meaning they may not need to use as much medicine overall and reducing the risk of side effects from their medicine.

To encourage best practice, and encourage children to use spacers, we are calling on all media outlets who run stories about children and asthma to include a photo of them using a spacer as well as an inhaler.

Asthma UK can provide these photos for online or print publication free of charge. You can download them here  until 18 October 2019 or contact Please credit Asthma UK.