‘Toxic’ indoor air could be ‘invisible killer’, charity warns

Responding to new guidance on how to reduce indoor air pollution by NICE, Dr Andy Whittamore, Clinical Lead and GP at Asthma UK, said:

"The effects of outdoor air pollution on the nation's health is well known but toxic air in the home can be an invisible killer, especially for the 5.4million people with asthma in the UK. It is very encouraging that awareness is being raised among homeowners, landlords and architects so that measures can be taken to keep people with asthma safe.

"Cleaning products, smoke from fires and damp can trigger life-threatening asthma attacks, but there are steps you can take to cut your risk. Make sure you take your preventer inhaler (usually brown) as prescribed, follow your written asthma action plan and make sure you have a yearly asthma review. If you notice your symptoms are getting worse make sure you see your GP. For more information visit www.asthma.org.uk/triggers"