Our Remuneration Policy


The Asthma UK remuneration policy is built on the following principles:

Pay will be competitive so that the charitable objectives can be delivered

It is important to Asthma UK to pay competitive, market-median salaries in the sectors and location where it employs people. Base pay rates are benchmarked regularly against sector pay movements and annually against inflationary indices, and organisational affordability is considered.

Bonuses linked to individual performance are not awarded. The charity expects everyone to perform to a high standard

Performance related pay does not comprise part of the remuneration at Asthma UK. Rather, Asthma UK’s culture is one where it seeks to employ people who are inspired by the organisation’s charitable objectives, and an interesting role, to perform to the high standards that the charity’s donors expect.

Every employee is different, so every employee’s needs and motivations are different

Asthma UK appreciates that it employs people across a wide age range and with varying lifestyles, so every individuals’ needs will be different. We are mindful of this in the construction of our remuneration package.

Asthma UK’s remuneration policy seeks to be fair at both higher and lower ends of the payscale

We do not employ interns without pay and will pay the Living Wage as a minimum. Remuneration for the Chief Executive and senior managers is approved by the Remuneration Committee. The remuneration ratio for Asthma UK, defined as the multiple between the highest pay to median pay in the organisation with regard to external benchmarks, is considered as well as external market conditions for the specific roles.

Asthma UK wishes to remove the barriers to taking up employment due to location

We appreciate that commuting to Asthma UK’s office in London can be expensive, as can living in London to be close to work. It is appreciated that season tickets and tenancy deposits are not easy for everyone to outlay as a lump sum, so Asthma UK is happy to give employees an interest-free loan for either of these purposes, within certain conditions.

Peoples’ working arrangements can be flexible to aid productivity

For many roles, Asthma UK’s normal office hours are nine to five, Monday to Friday, but for some roles this may differ. Regardless, the charity is always open to discussions with staff if they feel that their role can be worked more productively in another way, including arrangements for employees to work partially from home. Asthma UK invests in the infrastructure and hardware in order to effect this way of working.

Asthma UK encourages a work-life balance and encourages regular breaks

Although the charity expects people to be highly productive, it also encourages people to take regular breaks from work. The charity therefore offers 30 days’ paid holiday to all employees from commencement of employment. (Pro-rated for part time workers and new joiners).

The remuneration mechanics must be simple and cost-effective to administer

As a small charity, Asthma UK is not large enough to participate in flexible benefits / salary sacrifice portals that many larger employers can subscribe to, in order to offer benefits such as corporate gym membership and health screening. To procure these benefits for an organisation of Asthma UK’s size is administratively time-consuming and deemed not to be best use of charitable resources.

Asthma UK has strong governance structures in place to ensure remuneration is managed in line with best practice

The Remuneration Committee is a Board Sub-Committee of Trustees. It meets regularly to review remuneration policy, the remuneration ratio and provide scrutiny to remuneration decisions e.g. annual pay award and remuneration of highly paid staff.

Asthma UK is transparent in remuneration reporting

Asthma UK complies with the regulatory requirement to report the number of highly paid staff in their Annual Report and Accounts. In addition, Asthma UK will consider best practice guidance of the NVCO in respect of remuneration reporting.

Trustees receive reasonable expenses only

In line with the Asthma UK Articles of Association, the only payments Trustees receive from Asthma UK are in respect of reasonable expenses incurred on Asthma UK business, generally travel to and from meetings. Trustees are also expected to report hospitality received as a result of their position at Asthma UK. The Remuneration Committee reviews all expenses and hospitality declarations and satisfies itself that these were incurred in line with the provisions of the Articles and in the normal course of Trustee duties.

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