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Back to school

Get the new term off to a healthy start

Each year, at the start of the autumn term, there’s a big rise in the number of children who have to go to hospital with their asthma. It might be because there are more triggers around – things like mould spores, cold and damp weather, and the viruses that cause coughs and colds. Or it might be because children have got out of the habit of taking their preventer medicines over the summer holidays.

But there are three key things you can do to help make sure your child’s asthma is well-managed, and reduce the chance of an asthma attack spoiling the start of term.

Back to school checklist

Download your child's asthma action plan today 

We want to help you feel confident that your child has the best chance of being symptom-free, and that asthma won’t get in the way of studying, trips and making new friends at the start of a new school year.

So we’ve collected proven medical advice – and top tips from other parents - about helping your child to stay well at school all year.

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