'My asthma plan' for children with a pen, inhaler and drawing

Managing your child’s asthma

There are tried and tested ways to help your child stay well with asthma.

Managing your child’s asthma

As a parent or carer of a child with asthma, there are loads of proven, simple things you can do alongside their GP or asthma nurse, to give them the best chance of feeling well and enjoying life.

Your child’s asthma attack recovery plan 

If your child’s had an asthma attack, read about what you can do to help them recover well and cut their risk of having another one. 

Manage your child’s asthma well 

With a bit of clever planning, a child with asthma can do everything they want to do... This page is filled with simple ways to help your child stay well with asthma. 

Cough and wheeze 

Whether your child has a diagnosis of asthma or if they’re still going through the process of getting a diagnosis, find out what coughing and wheezing might mean and how you can help ease it.

Your child’s asthma action plan 

Your child’s asthma action plan contains all the information you (or anyone else who’s looking after your child) need in one place. Find out how you can use it to reduce your child’s risk of symptoms and an asthma attack here.

How to get the best from your child’s asthma review

Taking your child for an asthma review at least every six months helps make sure your child is on the right medicines and following the right asthma action plan for them. Here’s how to make the most of this important appointment. 

Help your child manage their own asthma 

Encouraging your child to learn about asthma and take their medicines by themselves (with your support) will help them adopt good habits through the teenage years into adulthood. Here are some great ideas to help you help them… 

Talking to your child about asthma

Helping your child to understand asthma can make it less scary and more manageable. We've come up with some age-appropriate answers to the questions your child might ask.

Caring for a child with severe asthma 

If your child has been diagnosed with a type of asthma called ‘severe asthma’ they may need more care and support. Here we look at some of the extra issues parents face and suggest ways to make life easier.

Last updated December 2016