3 ways to look after your child’s asthma this summer

Protect your child from an asthma attack this school holiday

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It’s easy for routines to slip when the school holidays start. But sticking to your child’s asthma routines over the summer is the best way to cut their risk of an asthma attack.

It’s not just about keeping them symptom-free so they can enjoy the holidays. It can also help lower their asthma attack risk when they start back at school in the autumn - children are nearly three times more likely to go to hospital with their asthma in September than in Summer.

And with our three quick tips it doesn’t need to be hard work or spoil the holiday fun.

3 steps to a safer summer holiday for your child

1)     Share your child’s asthma action plan

Asthma actions plans help you, and anyone else looking after your child, to feel more confident. Action plans show you how to spot the signs their asthma is getting worse, and what to do if they are. Using an asthma action plan means your child is four times less likely to end up in hospital because of their asthma.

Tip: Store a picture of your child’s up to date written asthma action plan on your phone so you share it with anyone who looks after them during the summer.

Use a child asthma action plan to help you feel more confident this summer. 

“Max has had asthma symptoms since he was a baby, so people used to be anxious about me leaving him with them. But his written asthma action plan reassures them as it provides all the information they need to keep him well. Max already knows what to do, but the action plan means that other people do too - even when he can’t get the words out because he’s having symptoms.” – Fiona, mum to Max 11

2)      Just two minutes a day to puff on a preventer inhaler

Even if your child’s feeling well, and everyone’s in holiday mode, they still need to take their preventer inhaler every day.

Just one minute, morning and evening, is all it takes to keep your child’s airways protected.

If they take their preventer every day they’ll be less likely to react to any asthma triggers. This will cut down symptoms like coughing, wheezing or feeling breathless. So, you can feel confident your holiday plans won’t get spoiled.

Sticking to a good preventer routine means their airways will be well protected when they get back to school in the autumn, especially if there are colds and flu about.

3. Be asthma attack ready

Your child’s reliever inhaler gives on the spot emergency treatment when asthma symptoms come on. So, make sure it’s there when they need it.

Your child’s reliever inhaler is an essential item when they go out and about in the holidays, whether it’s to a friend’s house, childminder, family day out or summer club – or if you’re going away on holiday.

Top tip: Book an appointment to get your child’s reliever inhaler prescription renewed before the end of holiday rush.

Going away during the school holidays? Follow these simple tips to make sure your child’s asthma doesn’t ruin any trips away.

Last updated June 2018