Inhaler and medicine shortages

Information about shortages and advice about what to do if you're affected, updated regularly

Page last updated: 21st December 2020

We are working hard to monitor the situation in order to ensure we get you the most up-to-date advice about any inhaler shortages caused by leaving the EU. 

We are not currently aware of any immediate medicines supply issues related to either leaving the EU or the current disruption at the English Channel, but we are monitoring the situation closely.


How will I know if there's a shortage of my asthma medicines?

  • The NHS will let GPs and pharmacists know if there is a shortage that means they need to make any changes to your prescribed asthma medicines. 
  • Asthma UK will update this page if we hear of issues with a particular asthma medicine. At the moment, it looks like people with asthma should be able to get the medicines they need in the normal way. 
  • During the 'transition' period of leaving the EU, things may change at short notice, so please check back for updates. 

I'm worried about shortages 

We know this is a worrying time for some people. If you’re feeling anxious because of media stories about medicine shortages, here’s what you can do:

Get support from Asthma UK if your medicines change

If you do find your asthma medicines change, we have useful advice on what to do next so you stay well with your asthma.

If you need advice about anything to do with your asthma medicines, give our expert Asthma UK nurses a call on 0300 222 5800, or message them via WhatsApp on 07378 606728.

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