Inhalers and spacers

Inhalers, medicines and treatments relieve asthma symptoms and cut the risk of asthma attacks.

Most people with asthma are prescribed the two main types of asthma inhaler: reliever inhalers help to relieve symptoms when they happen; preventer inhalers help to protect the airways and reduce the chance of getting asthma symptoms.

Sometimes combination inhalers are prescribed which contain both a long-acting reliever and a steroid preventer. Occasionally, your GP, asthma nurse or consultant may decide to prescribe a long-acting reliever inhaler, Maintenance and Reliever Therapy or a non-steroidal inhaler.

Some people find it easier to use their inhaler with a device called a spacer.

Whatever type(s) of inhaler you're using, the most important thing is that you get your inhaler technique checked regularly. If you're using your inhaler(s) correctly, then you'll get the full benefits of the medicine and you'll be more likely to stay well with your asthma.

Last updated July 2016

Next review due July 2019