Treatments for asthma in A&E

If you’re in A&E or hospital, you may be given emergency medicine.

For most people with asthma, taking preventer medicine every day and occasionally using a reliever inhaler is enough to manage the condition. Some people might also need extra treatments to help them manage their asthma, known as 'add-on treatments' or 'add-on therapies'.

If these treatments aren't helping to get your asthma symptoms under control and you have an asthma attack and end up in A&E or hospital, you may be given emergency treatment.

Nebulisers are sometimes used to give high doses of reliever medicine when someone’s having a more serious asthma attack in an ambulance or in hospital. A nebuliser is a machine that changes liquid medicine into a fine mist. This can then be inhaled through a mask or mouthpiece. 

Last updated October 2016