Living with asthma

Don't let asthma stop you living your life.
Our advice can help you stay well

Living with asthma

This section looks at how your asthma may affect your life - from work and finances to exercise and travel.

Whatever your day involves, our tips and advice can help you stay well with your asthma, reduce your risk of an asthma attack and get on with your life.

Find out how you can make sure your asthma is under control at work, at home or on holiday. There's also information to support you when you're exercising, losing weight, fasting for religious reasons, leaving home and at special times of the year, such as Christmas, New Year, Bonfire Night and summer music festivals.

We know that having asthma can affect the whole family, so we’ve collected advice for carers, and for the parents of a child with asthma.

Last updated July 2016