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Stay well with asthma at new year

71% of people think their asthma will stop them from achieving new year goals, but it doesn't have to.

Our New Year's Resolution survey found that as many as 71% of people with asthma think their condition will hold them back from achieving their new year's resolutions. It doesn't have to - there are lots of little steps you can take to reduce your risk of symptoms and get on with whatever you want to do.

Know whether you're at risk of an asthma attack in the new year

Take the asthma attack risk checker to find out if you are at risk of a potentially life threatening asthma attack and what you can do to reduce it.

Book an annual asthma review

As soon as you're back from your Christmas break, book in a double appointment with your GP or asthma nurse for an annual review if you haven't had one for a while. As well as checking that you're taking the right medicines and managing your triggers well, it's the perfect time to tell your GP or asthma nurse about your new year's resolutions and ask for their support to help you achieve them.

Have an asthma action plan

People who use a written asthma action plan are better equipped to manage their symptoms and so less likely to be admitted to hospital because of their asthma. Take it to your annual review appointment and fill it in with your GP or asthma nurse.

Check your inhaler technique

Ask your GP or asthma nurse to check your inhaler technique at your next appointment so you can be sure you're getting full benefits of the medicines.

Made a new year's resolution? We can help you stick to it


Last updated January 2016

Next review due January 2019