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Stay well with asthma in the new year

Don’t let asthma stop you achieving your New Year goals, with our top 3 asthma resolutions

If you’re managing your asthma well there should be nothing to stop you getting on with the things you want to do into the new year.

So, if you’re making some New Year’s resolutions don’t forget to add some in for your asthma too.

Top 3 asthma resolutions

1. Book an asthma review

A once-a-year asthma review is a chance to update your asthma action plan and get your inhaler technique checked. Getting one booked in for January will help get you off to a great start with your asthma. 

2. Start using an action plan

If you haven’t got one yet now’s the time to download an asthma action plan and think about booking an appointment in the new year to ask your GP or asthma nurse to fill it in with you.

Using an action plan could cut your risk of ending up in hospital with an asthma attack. And you can start the year managing your symptoms better.

3. Get into a good routine

Start the new year with a good routine taking your asthma preventer medicines. If you take your preventer every day as prescribed, you’ll cut your risk of symptoms and an asthma attack. Try keeping your preventer inhaler next to something else you do every morning and evening.

Find out more about managing your asthma well so you can look forward to the year ahead without asthma symptoms getting in the way.

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Last updated December 2019

Next review due December 2022