Manage your asthma

There are tried and tested ways to help you stay well with your asthma

Manage your asthma

Managing your asthma well will significantly cut your risk of an asthma attack – but there are other benefits too.

Why it’s important to manage your asthma

Getting into a good routine and managing your asthma well will mean:

  • You get no daytime symptoms
  • You get no night-time waking due to asthma
  • You don’t need to use reliever inhalers (usually blue)
  • You don’t have any asthma attacks and don’t need emergency treatment
  • Your lungs don’t suffer long-term damage
  • Asthma doesn’t limit your daily life (including working and exercising). 

If you’ve been diagnosed with severe asthma, please go to our severe asthma section as we have lots of special advice for you there.

Not sure how to manage your child’s asthma? Visit our section on managing your child’s asthma for simple expert advice.


Last updated July 2019

Next review due January 2022