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Every year around one in four of us experiences a mental health problem.

Ending a relationship, moving house, starting a new job – they can all place extra demands on us emotionally and physically. During busy or stressful times, you might find yourself worrying about everything and feeling less able to cope with things, including dealing with your asthma, or your child’s – see our page on wellbeing for parents.

It’s OK to feel like this sometimes. You’re certainly not alone. We all have down days or times when we feel stressed out.

According to mental health charity Mind, every year around one in four of us experiences a mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression. The important thing is to reach out and get help when you need it. Whether it’s getting an answer to a question you have about your asthma, or support managing another area of your life – help is never far away.

Being able to tap into a strong support network can help you feel more in control of your asthma so that you’re able to cope with life’s ups and downs better. You’ll also be more likely to stick to taking your medicines every day exactly as prescribed. This will help cut your risk of asthma symptoms and means you’re more likely to enjoy life without asthma getting in the way.


Last updated July 2019

Next review due July 2022

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