Emergency asthma care

The NHS is there to care for you when you need emergency care for your asthma

Emergency asthma care

Needing emergency treatment can be scary for you and your family, but knowing what to expect from the NHS emergency services can help you feel more prepared.

What happens in A&E?

No one wants to think about needing to go to A&E with their asthma, but it can help to know what to expect if you’re there. How will your asthma be treated? Will you be sent home again, or admitted to hospital? And is there anything you can do to help A&E staff look after your asthma well?

Staying in hospital for your asthma

Find out why you or your child might be admitted to hospital for asthma, what to expect while you’re there, and how to manage your asthma well once you’ve been discharged.


Asthma care in the ambulance

If you or your child have an asthma attack you may need to call an ambulance. Learn more about how you’ll be cared for by the ambulance crew on your way to hospital.

Asthma in intensive care (ITU)

Read about when and why someone might be admitted to ITU for emergency care to get their asthma back in control, what it involves and recovering afterwards. 


If you're having an asthma attack, you might be given medicine through a nebuliser in an ambulance or in hospital. Find out what this involves.