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If your asthma’s difficult to control you might be referred to specialist asthma care

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If your asthma’s difficult to control, you may need more specialist care to stay on top of your symptoms. This might mean you’re referred to a specialist asthma care centre.

“There are only a small number of specialist asthma centres across the country which means that most people are more likely to get a referral to a specialist in their local hospital, or clinic,” says Dr Andy Whittamore, Asthma UK’s in-house GP.

“While this doesn’t offer the full range of care and expertise of a specialist asthma centre it’s still a chance to go into more depth about why your asthma symptoms are not in control.”

Asthma UK is campaigning for more specialist care to support people with severe or difficult to control asthma. We are calling for more severe asthma experts to be available at local level to address the fact that most people with severe or difficult to control asthma are only accessing care via their GP surgeries, and relying on regular courses of oral steroids to manage ongoing symptoms.


Last updated March 2020

Next review due March 2023

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