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If you've been diagnosed with severe asthma, this section is for you.

What is severe asthma? 

There’s a lot of confusion around about what severe asthma actually is. This page explains what a medical diagnosis of severe asthma means, why some people might develop it and how it’s different from other types of asthma.

Diagnosing severe asthma 

It can take time to get a diagnosis of severe asthma. This section will help you understand what’s involved in getting a diagnosis, including tests you might need. You’ll also find plenty of ideas about how you can help the process along.

Treating severe asthma 

There are lots of medicines you might be given to treat severe asthma. You can find out about what they are and how they work to help reduce asthma symptoms here.

Managing severe asthma 

Discover the best things you can do alongside your healthcare team to improve your chances of staying as well as possible with severe asthma.

Making life easier with severe asthma 

Living with severe asthma can be extremely challenging, especially if you’re in the process of getting a diagnosis or you’re still working with your healthcare team to find the best treatments for you. All the ideas and insights from experts and people with severe asthma in this section are designed to help make life as easy as it can be for you and for your family.

Your severe asthma stories  

Do you ever wonder how people cope with severe asthma? In this section you’ll find first-person accounts packed with helpful tips and insights from people who know just what it’s like.

Last updated October 2016

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