1 in 20 people with asthma have severe asthma

Diagnosing severe asthma

All you need to know about getting a severe asthma diagnosis and how to help the process

Diagnosing severe asthma

If you've been diagnosed with severe asthma, or are going through a diagnosis, this section is for you.

How is severe asthma diagnosed?

Diagnosing severe asthma can take a long time, which means it can be a frustrating and worrying process. Here we explain the steps you’re likely to go through if your healthcare professionals think you might have severe asthma. There are also lots of ideas and tips for you to try to help the process along.

Coming to terms with a diagnosis of severe asthma

People tell us they feel a range of emotions when they’re diagnosed with severe asthma. Here we explore what a diagnosis of severe asthma can mean for your life and look at all the things you can to do get the support you need.

Tests for severe asthma 

There are various tests for diagnosing and monitoring severe asthma. This page explains what tests you might have, what they are and why you might need them.

Last updated November 2016

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