1 in 20 people with asthma have severe asthma

Making life easier with severe asthma

If you have severe asthma, there are lots of things you can do to help make everyday life easier

Making life easier

Living with severe asthma can be extremely challenging sometimes, especially if you’re in the process of getting a diagnosis or you’re still working with your healthcare team to find the right medicines for you.

All the ideas and insights from experts and people with severe asthma in this section are designed to help make life as easy as it can be – for you and for your family and friends…

Wellbeing for people with severe asthma

People with severe asthma tell us they can experience lots of difficult feelings. You may feel worried you’re not able to do things, frustrated that people don’t understand the condition, or hopeless that it’s taking a long time to find the right combination of medicines. Whatever you’re feeling, we look at the things you can do to make sure you’re getting the emotional support you need.

Explaining severe asthma 

Helping the people around you to understand severe asthma can mean you feel more supported and less alone in managing the condition. We've come up with some useful phrases to help you explain severe asthma.

Travelling when you have severe asthma 

With severe asthma, your symptoms are more unpredictable and harder to manage. That means going on holiday may affect your asthma. On this page, there’s a checklist of some things to think about before you go…

Working when you have severe asthma

Having severe asthma can mean you need time off when you’re unwell or for medical appointments. You might also need changes to your working environment. This page has lots of ideas and tips to make your working life easier.

Your finances when you have severe asthma

If you’re unable to work or you need lots of sick leave because of your severe asthma, find out what financial support you can get.

Exercising when you have severe asthma

Plenty of people with asthma can and do exercise, and here you can find lots of tips for keeping active when you have severe asthma.

Your weight when you have severe asthma

There’s a growing amount of research to show that losing weight if you’re overweight can help your asthma. We look at why even small changes can bring big benefits.

Social life when you have severe asthma

Lots of people tell us severe asthma gets in the way of their social life so we've come up with a guide to help keep doing the things you enjoy with your friends and family. 

Sex, relationships and severe asthma

People with severe asthma tell us the condition can affect relationships, dating and sex. This page is full of ideas to help stop it getting in the way.

Last updated November 2016

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