1 in 20 people with asthma have severe asthma

Managing severe asthma

This section is full of tips and ideas on ways you can help yourself and make life easier

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Having severe asthma can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you’re still working with your healthcare professionals to find the best medicines for you, or you’re going through a difficult patch.

In an Asthma UK survey, 30 per cent of people with severe asthma say they have symptoms every day. But this doesn’t mean your health is out of your control.

There are lots of simple, evidence-based steps you can take to look after your own asthma. And knowing how to work well with the healthcare professionals who help you manage your asthma is key to making life easier.

This section is full of tips and ideas on ways you can help yourself. 

Manage your severe asthma

This page will help you get into a routine for staying on top of your symptoms as well as possible. You’ll also find lots of ideas about how to cope on bad days, and what to do when you feel negative about your asthma.

Going to A&E when you have severe asthma

Lots of people with asthma have to go to A&E from time to time. But with severe asthma, you’re more likely to need emergency care more often. Even if you end up in A&E regularly, it’s important not to assume that the healthcare professionals there will understand what you need. This page is filled with tips to make your next visit to A&E go more smoothly, so you get the help you need as quickly as possible.


Monitoring severe asthma symptoms

Keeping a note of what severe asthma symptoms you have and when you have them is helpful to help you keep on top of your severe asthma. This page will show you some easy ways to do so.

Caring for someone with severe asthma

Most people with asthma don’t need a carer – so if you are looking after someone with asthma, you may sometimes feel your role isn’t recognised or respected. That might mean you find it hard to get the support you need as a carer. This page has lots of tips for helping you look after someone with severe asthma – and for making sure you stay well, too.  

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Last updated November 2016

Next review due November 2019