#Scarfie FAQs

Here we answer all the frequently asked questions about #Scarfie

How do I wear my #Scarfie? 

Totally up to you! Just make sure that you wrap your scarf so that it covers your nose and mouth. This helps to warm up the air before you breathe it in. For many people with asthma, cold air can trigger symptoms, but wearing a scarf wrapped loosely over the nose and mouth can help prevent this.

Can I use a buff, cycling mask or snood for my #Scarfie?


Is it OK for my young child to wear a scarf like this over their mouth and nose?

If your child is old enough to untie and remove the scarf, and they can breathe well when they’re all wrapped up, a scarf’s a good idea during the cold weather. So they might want to get involved in the #Scarfie campaign!

But babies must never have anything covering their nose and mouth, or wear scarves at all, because of the risk of strangulation.

What if I’m allergic to wool?

Easy - dig out a scarf in another material like silk or cotton - or how about bamboo? Microfibre neck warmers are also a great idea, particularly if you like to exercise outdoors.

Can I take my #Scarfie if I’m out doing exercise?

Yes. For anyoneexercising outdoors despite cold weather, a scarf over your mouth and nose is a good idea. You might want to go for something lightweight and breathable rather than a big woolly scarf, like a bamboo scarf or a microfibre neck warmer. These could double up as a sweatband when the weather warms up.

How is #Scarfie going to help people? Shouldn’t you be spending your time doing other things?

Of course #Scarfie is a bit of fun, but there’s a serious message behind it. Winter can be a miserable time for some people with asthma. 59% of people tell us that cold air triggers their symptoms.

Wrapping a scarf loosely over your nose and mouth to warm up the air you’re breathing in is such a simple thing to do, but it can help people avoid symptoms.

If you want to find out what else we’re doing to stop asthma attacks and, ultimately, find a cure for asthma, visit our  About us page. 

My job requires being outside a lot and my boss/health and safety won’t let me wear something over my face.

There’s a time and a place to wear a scarf over your nose and mouth and it could be that your workplace isn’t it one of them - for example, if you’re working with heavy machinery.

But it’s definitely worth a chat with your employers so you can explain more about your asthma – and how in cold weather a scarf worn over your nose and mouth stops asthma symptoms.

Could you make your scarf work-friendly? Maybe wear a neck warmer rather than something long and trailing? And remember to do a #Scarfie in your spare time!

Can I wear my scarfie with a mask?

You can definitely wear a scarf and mask. Just make sure that wearing both doesn’t restrict your breathing. And wearing a mask can help warm up air before it reaches your lungs when you’re in cold weather.

Isn’t all that damp fabric over your nose and mouth just going to breed germs and viruses?

Cold, damp and rain-drenched scarves are definitely off the menu, so make sure you always wear a dry scarf and wash it regularly to keep it bug-free.

Help! I wear glasses and they fog up when I wear a scarf over my nose and mouth.

Try anti-fog wipes or an anti-mist cloth – or just wear your scarf over your mouth and breathe through your nose, as this warms the cold air before it gets to your airways.

Read more about #Scarfie and how this simple trick can help stop asthma attacks.

Last updated November 2021