“A slimming club helped me lose weight”

Jean Briggs shares how a slimming club helped her feel healthier, more confident and happier.

"Two years ago, when I retired from my job as a teacher, I wasn't far off 14 stone. I'm 5'2" so that was overweight for me and I often felt too sluggish to exercise. I think carrying extra weight and not doing much physical activity made my asthma symptoms worse."

Getting the right advice

"I also have bronchiectasis, a lung condition, so my GP referred me to a gym where a physiotherapist taught me which exercises were the right ones for me. Before that I had a gym membership, but I was using the wrong machines and so many things felt challenging that it was disheartening. Getting advice from a qualified expert was really useful."

Joining the club

"I also joined Slimming World. It was good to have a date in the diary where I weighed in regularly. The sessions also taught me where I'd been going wrong and I cut out a lot of bread, cheese and fats."

Staying on track

"If I have a bad week and I've put a little bit of weight on, I don't worry too much about it. I just think that I'll have a better week next week. We all need treats occasionally, don't we?

"I feel so much better having lost the weight and I'm doing things now that I wouldn't have been able to do five years ago. For instance, my husband and I are walking the Thames Trail bit by bit. Overall I feel fitter, healthier, more confident and happier."

Top Tip:

"If I'm not feeling very motivated to exercise, I remind myself why I wanted to lose the weight in the first place - to do everything in my power to stay healthier for longer for my granddaughter. I want to be around to see her grow up!"

Last updated August 2015

Next review due August 2018