"I feel so much better since I stopped smoking"

Megan Bellfield feels healthier, richer and more comfortable since she quit smoking.

Needing to quit

"I quit smoking after becoming quite seriously ill in winter 2013. My asthma is always at its worst in winter and I've had chest infections before, but this time I ended up on a nebuliser as a result of smoking, the weather and my asthma. It had got to the point where smoking was no longer something to enjoy. I realised the serious risk it was putting my health at, especially because I have asthma."

"Quitting has been a challenge. At times, such as when I'm out socialising, it can be difficult. But putting the money I save in a jar in a visible place, and having a picture of a loved one in the pocket of the coat where I used to keep my cigarettes, helps me to stay motivated."

Feeling healthier

"I've noticed a significant improvement in my health and my ability to exercise. I was always exercising beforehand, but my stamina has improved, particularly when I run. I am now able to run for longer periods of time and can keep up with the friends I run with. This also means that I don't need to use my reliever inhaler as much as I did before."

Enjoying other benefits

"The main benefit from quitting smoking, apart from improving my health, has been that I have saved a lot of money. I also smell better and feel comfortable around my friends and family who are non-smokers."

Last updated August 2015