“I lost six stone by making small changes”

Nabilah Haq lost six stone (and cut down her asthma medicines) by making small changes

"When I was at my heaviest I couldn't climb stairs easily, I had aches and pains in my legs and hips and I was frequently breathless."

How I changed my diet

"I did some research on the internet and realised I had to start having breakfast every day to stop me from getting hungry and reaching for snacks. I cut out fizzy drinks and fruit juice, swapping to water with a slice of lemon or lime. I ate less meat and tinned things. I had lots of salad with everything. When I got hungry I'd eat a lot of raw carrot sticks that I had already prepared."

Stepping out

"As well as making changes to my diet, I also began to walk more. Sometimes a friend and I would walk for ages with our babies in their prams."

"Being slimmer means I feel healthier and less tired and I no longer get exhausted from doing every day activities, such as carrying the shopping. I feel more confident in myself. Best of all I can breathe more easily. I'm using less medication for my asthma and when I get hayfever in the summer it no longer seems to trigger my asthma symptoms."

Top Tip

"Whenever you feel hungry, go out for a walk or have some raw carrot sticks, a few cherry tomatoes or an apple. You need willpower as well, but often if you do something healthy the craving will pass."

Last updated August 2015