“Judo and running helped me shift extra pounds”

Judo and running helped Joel Hammond shift extra pounds and breathe easier

"For as long as I can remember I've been a bit overweight and when I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 15, my weight had crept up to around 18 stone."

How I got started

"I started judo classes twice a week and then felt inspired to take up running to improve my fitness. I used landmarks to motivate me and each time I got further and further until I could run 3k in one go."

The changes I noticed

"I went down to 15 stone. My cheeks were noticeably slimmer and I could feel the difference in my lungs like a weight had been taken off my chest. Even in winter I could breathe better."

"Sadly I broke my ankle doing judo, so I haven't been able to exercise for four months. I can feel the extra weight when I breathe. Once my ankle's healed completely, I'm looking forward to getting back to judo and running so I can lose the weight again."

"Losing weight doing something you love doesn't feel like a chore. When I'm doing a lot of judo, it's so inspiring to feel my fitness improving. The weight loss is almost an added bonus!"

Last updated August 2015