"Quitting has helped my breathing"

It took three attempts, but quitting smoking made a big difference to David Pierce’s breathing

"I smoked from my late teens and even when I was diagnosed with asthma I continued to smoke. Health issues made me look seriously at kicking the habit and I was aware it wouldn't be easy. I was so congested each morning; I could only walk a few feet before gasping for breath, so it was time to make a concerted effort."

Getting support

"My first port of call was the NHS Stop Smoking Service and I got tablets as an aid. I managed to give up for about six months. I did fail at the first and second attempts, but by the third attempt in July 2011 I managed to kick the habit and I've been free of cigarettes for over three years. I now find breathing is easier in the morning and I can walk generally without problem."

Staying motivated

"It helps to keep reminding yourself why you gave up in the first place. Write a list of all the reasons why you want to give up and stick it on the fridge, or keep it in your handbag or wallet. If you're giving up for your children, put a photo of them where you normally keep your cigarettes."

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Last updated August 2015