Fundraising blocks

These are blocks designed to encourage donation. The 'prompt' blocks, however, can be edited to carry any message.

The Donation block

This block can be used to direct users through a donation funnel. Options include default to either single/regular giving, donation amount / copy editing, turn Paypal on/off (single giving). The block can also be displayed on a full width page or a 2/3 width (article) page. 


The 'Donation Prompt' block

This can be used as a 'call to action' (CTA) on an article page. With this you can edit the image (here as a '£' sign), edit the copy and edit the CTA button. 


Donation prompt (bottom of page)


There is also a donation prompt which appears at the bottom of every page.  The prompt can be taken off  at a page level (in settings/hide donation prompt). The message is edited universally.